Continued Conversations

Formerly known as Safe Zone 2.0, Continued Conversations is designed to actively engage existing faculty/staff in conversations that will deepen their knowledge regarding LGBTQIA+ issues on campus and around the country.  These conversations will be lead by experts that will help facilitate continuing education for faculty/staff on campus as we try and to broaden the support for LGBTQIA+ individuals in our community. Any individual who has attended a Safe Zone training in the past is welcome to attend these monthly meetings. 

If you would like to participate in the Continued Conversations and have not attended a Safe Zone training on the UNC Charlotte campus, please contact the Chelsea Ortiz ( to sign up for one of our open training sessions held throughout the academic year.  The dates, times, and locations of the trainings can be found in the text block on the right of the screen.

Spring 2020 Dates: 

February 5th 12-1:30 pm. - Student Union 261 

April 6th 12-1:30 pm. - Student Union 261 

Past Topics

  • More Than Marriage? Expanding a Queer Conversation

  • Student Life at UNC Charlotte

  • Mental Health Issues and the Queer Community

  • Expanding the Alaphabet Soup

  • Advanced Trans Language

  • What If I Am the Only Ally?

  • Self-Care for the 21st Century Ally

  • Queer History Moment: Pickets, Riots, & Marches

  • Cisgender Checklist

  • Welcome Back To Campus

  • Cisgender Ally Workshop

  • Queer History Moment: Pickets, Riots, & Marches

  • Developing a Queer Agenda