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Continued Conversations

Formerly known as Safe Zone 2.0, Continued Conversations is designed to actively engage existing faculty/staff in conversations that will deepen their knowledge regarding LGBTQIA+ issues on campus and around the country.  These conversations will be lead by experts that will help facilitate continuing education for faculty/staff on campus as we try and to broaden the support for LGBTQIA+ individuals in our community.

If you have any questions please contact Chelsea Ortiz at

Fall 2020 Dates: 

  • September 29th 12-1:30 pm. - Virtual via Zoom
  • November 24th 12-1:30 pm. - Virtual via Zoom

To sign-up please click here.

Past Topics

  • More Than Marriage? Expanding a Queer Conversation

  • Student Life at UNC Charlotte

  • Mental Health Issues and the Queer Community

  • Expanding the Alaphabet Soup

  • Advanced Trans Language

  • What If I Am the Only Ally?

  • Self-Care for the 21st Century Ally

  • Queer History Moment: Pickets, Riots, & Marches

  • Cisgender Checklist

  • Welcome Back To Campus

  • Cisgender Ally Workshop

  • Queer History Moment: Pickets, Riots, & Marches

  • Developing a Queer Agenda