Allies Directory

A Safe Zone Ally at UNC Charlotte is an informed campus partner who has committed time and energy through organized training to learn more about individuals that may identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Safe Zone Symbol (above) is a visible symbol of support and an affirmation of commitment by that individual to fight homophobia and heterosexism at UNC Charlotte.

The Safe Zone Ally Motto:

I am committed to respecting, accepting, supporting, and listening. I am here.

Name Department & Position Office
Howard, Kimberly Belk College of Business | Academic and Career Coach Friday 368
Hummer, Stacy Athletics | Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach Student Activity Center
Humphrey, Jesh Legal Affairs | Deputy General Counsel Cato Hall 358
Hurst, Casey Student Union, Activities & Recreation | SAFC Business manager Student Union SGOC Room 212V
Hutchcraft, Allison College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Department of English Fretwell 260A
Issel, Michele College of Health & Human Services | Professor, Department of Public Health Services College of Health & Human Services 335C
Jackson, Aeryn Student Union, Activities & Recreation | Senior Web Applications Developer Student Union 251T
Jackson, Arthur Student Affairs | Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs King 219
Jacobs, John Research & Economic Development | FSO?ECO Reese Grigg 143
Jafari, Nadia Not Available | Doctoral Student in Health Psychology Program Not Available
Jakeway, Angela Languages & Culture Studies | Lecturer College of Education 412
James, Karen Honors College | Advisor Cone Center 201C
Jasmine, Suzanne Belk College of Business | Academic and Career Coach Friday 368A
Jenkins, Leslie Research & Economic Development | Contracts Administrator Cameron Hall 305A
Jenner, Alison Veteran Student Services | Assistant Director Cone Center 346
Johnson, Darrin College of Health & Human Services | Project Director, School of Social Work College of Health & Human Services 468A
Johnson, Santerrio Police & Public Safety | Police Officer Police & Public Safety
Jordan-Marshall, Sophia Recreational Services | Associate Director of Programs Belk Gym 222
Katsanos, Tina Religious Studies | Lecturer Macy 221
Keene, P. Gail Research & Economic Development | Business Officer Cameron Hall 704-687-8286
Kelley, Gina Not Available | Academic Advisor Woodward 454
Kennedy, Caroline College of Computing and Informatics | Senior Post Award Specialist Woodward 341B
Kerr, Andrew Information Technology Services (ITS) | PhD Student Kennedy 330
King, Janasha Research & Economic Development | Business Services Specialist Cameron Hall 320B
Kissel, Brian College of Education | Associate Professor College of Education 394