Allies Directory

A Safe Zone Ally at UNC Charlotte is an informed campus partner who has committed time and energy through organized training to learn more about individuals that may identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Safe Zone Symbol (above) is a visible symbol of support and an affirmation of commitment by that individual to fight homophobia and heterosexism at UNC Charlotte.

The Safe Zone Ally Motto:

I am committed to respecting, accepting, supporting, and listening. I am here.

Name Department & Position Office
Feeney, Deirdre Student Affairs | Health Education Specialist Student Health Center 118
Ferdinando, Peter History Department | Lecturer Garinger 224
Fior, Matthew Police & Public Safety | Patrol Sergeant Police & Public Safety
Flint, Karen History Department | Associate Professor Garinger 204
Forester, Rachael Student Union, Activities & Recreation | Assistant Director of MRC Student Union 210
Frantzreb, Dave College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Advisor, Departments of Sociology & Political Science Fretwell 460L
Frazier, Amber Parking and Transportation Services | Administrative Support Associate Parking and Transportation Services 704-687-0161
Frederick, John Provost Office | Director of Academic Planning & Assessment Atkins 146
French, Matthew Career Center Atkins 150
Frevert, Tonya College of Computing and Informatics | Post-Doctoral Fellow Woodward 230B
Frisch, Mira Department of Music | Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives Robinson Hall 353
Furr, Melissa Office of the Registrar | Readmit Analyst King 141
Galloway, Kristen University Advising Center | Associate Director of Freshman Advising Colvard 2022
Garner, Megan College of Arts & Architecture | Academic Advisor, Art & Art History Rowe 173A
Gartlan, Scott College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Executive Director, Charlotte Teachers Institute Fretwell 324
Gatchell, Kemet Recreational Services | Assistant Director for Promotions & Special Events Belk Gym 113
Gigler, Maggie Clinical Health Psychology Ph.D. Program | Graduate Student Colvard
Gil-Rivas, Virginia Department of Psychology | Associate Professor, Director Colvard 4006
Godwin, Celeste Police & Public Safety | Police Officer Police & Public Safety
Gomoluch, Susanne Languages & Culture Studies | Lecturer College of Education
Gonalez, Ann Languages & Culture Studies | Chair, LACS College of Education 435
Gordon, Melodye University Writing Program | Lecturer Fretwell 265B
Grano, Daniel Communication Studies | Associate Professor Colvard 5006
Gray, Cynthia Multicultural Academic Services | Administrative Specialist/Office Manage Colvard
Greco, Philip Police & Public Safety | Police Sergeant Police & Public Safety