Allies Directory

A Safe Zone Ally at UNC Charlotte is an informed campus partner who has committed time and energy through organized training to learn more about individuals that may identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Safe Zone Symbol (above) is a visible symbol of support and an affirmation of commitment by that individual to fight homophobia and heterosexism at UNC Charlotte.

The Safe Zone Ally Motto:

I am committed to respecting, accepting, supporting, and listening. I am here.

Name Department & Position Office
Canevello, Amy Clinical Health Psychology Ph.D. Program | Assistant Professor Colvard
Cao, Tuan Biology | Lecturer Woodward
Carter, Jessica Career Center | Assistant Director, Business Career Advisor 150
Caruso, Beth College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Lecturer, University Writing Program Cameron Hall 124
Chancellor, Bryn Department of English | Assistant Professor Fretwell 260 B
Chauncey, Kevin English | Graduate Assistant Fretwell 290N
Chauncey, Kevin English | Graduate Assistant Fretwell 265D
Clark, Paige Student Union, Activities & Recreation | Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor Student Union 251
Clarke-Jones, Nancy College of Computing and Informatics | Business Services Coordinator-Operations and Financial Services Woodward 410G Woodward
Coffey, Heather College of Education | Assistant Professor College of Education 331B
Coleman, Yolanda Levine Scholars Program | Associate Director Levine Hall
Coles, Shanna Senior Program Manager Colvard 1017
Connolly, Paula English | Professfor Fretwell
Conway, Cassidy Student Health | Graduate Student/ Collegiate Recovery Community GA Student Health Center
Cooper, Brian College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry Burson 142
Corkery, Megan Career Center | Assistant Director, Engineering, Arts & Architecture Career Advisor Atkins 150
Cox, John College of Liberal Arts & Sciences | Associate Professor 108A
Craft, Drema Development | Leadership Gift Officer / Development Cameron Hall 174
Crickard, Valerie Research & Economic Development | Executive Director Grants and Contracts Cameron Hall 308
Cristina, Madi Student Union, Activities & Recreation | Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations Student Union
Cummings, Laura Development | Administrative Support Cameron Hall 174
Cushing, Karen Sociology | Lecturer Fretwell 460G
D'Amico, Mark College of Education | Associate Professor College of Education 278
Dal Pra, Daniela Languages & Culture Studies | Lecturer College of Education 409
Darby, Tori Undergraduate Admissions | Admissions Counselor Cato Hall