Allies Directory

A Safe Zone Ally at UNC Charlotte is an informed campus partner who has committed time and energy through organized training to learn more about individuals that may identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Safe Zone Symbol (above) is a visible symbol of support and an affirmation of commitment by that individual to fight homophobia and heterosexism at UNC Charlotte.

The Safe Zone Ally Motto:

I am committed to respecting, accepting, supporting, and listening. I am here.

Name Department & Positionsort descending Office
Rodgers, Kimberly Associate Director for Student Success Colvard 2323
Morin, Tiffany Lecturer, Coordinator English Learning Community Fretwell 290-G
Mauk, Caitlin Development and Communications Coordinator Fretwell 324
Little, Tiffanie Transfer Credit Evaluator Cato Hall 134
O'Hara, Coren Associate Director, Center for Graduate Life Cone Center 268
Ritterskamp, Ellyn instructor Winningham 103B
Seyter, Barbara Senior Associate Director of Admissions Cato Hall 137
Moses, Sharon Admin Support Specialist Cato Hall 134
Hartley, Carol Business Services Coordinator College of Education 442
Coles, Shanna Senior Program Manager Colvard 1017
Duplessis, Ann Associate Director Center City
Hibbs, Loren Athletics | Head Baseball Coach Student Activity Center
Hummer, Stacy Athletics | Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach Student Activity Center
Mele, L. Elena Athletics | Athletic Business Office Assistant Student Activity Center
Bialosky, Donn Athletics | Administrative Assistant Student Activity Center
Lukjanczuk, AJ Athletics | Director of Athletic Training Rose Football Center
DeVos, Aimee Athletics | Head Softball Coach
Osborne, Jason Athletics | Assistant Soccer Coach Rose Football Center
Sigmon, Allison Belk College of Business | Academic Advisor 368
Mitchell, Sarah Belk College of Business | Assistant Director of Professional Development Friday 147A
Howard, Kimberly Belk College of Business | Academic and Career Coach Friday 368
Jasmine, Suzanne Belk College of Business | Academic and Career Coach Friday 368A
Thachik, Stefani Belk College of Business | Assistant Director, Student Center for Professional Development Friday 147
Stivender, Carol Belk College of Business | Professor, Department of Economics Friday 219D
Swayne, Linda Belk College of Business | Professor, Department of Marketing Friday 240B